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    Plant of the Month

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    No garden should be without a  Hinoki  Cypress.  It matures at about 15 feet in height and forms a slender column to 6 feet wide.  Its tight, twisted, deep green fans of foliage  are held on tiered branches, creating an open habit , outstanding conifer. 
    Culture Hinoki cypresses thrive in well-drained,  compost -rich soil in bright shade.  I have seen them surviving and slowly growing in deep shade.  They can be grown in full sun with careful attention to watering during summer.
    Hardiness USDA zones 4 to 8

    Integrated Pest Management  

    We understand your needs will change over time.Careful inspection of plants in the nursery and before planting will limit pest problems. Grow healthy plants by installing them in the correct enviroment to start. An insect or disease outbreak may only be temporary and should be left alone to the natural enemies.

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    Your Investment in Landscaping

    We have the flexibility to deliver next day service!A study published by the U.S. Forest Service showed the existence of trees and other plants in the landscape will increase the selling value of the propeerty 5-10%.

    How much should you invest in landscaping? Experts in the real estate industry suggest investing about 10% of the value of a house in trees, shrubs, and flowers.

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