Add Color with Bedding Plants 
May 4, 2017
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Bedding plants should serve as an accent to the landscape, not as a dominant feature in the setting. A bedding plant has already been grown to blooming size before it's planted in window boxes or annual garden beds.



Those used with your foundation plantings should blend with the setting, and with your home. Also, use bedding plants to fill voids in your new landscape, mix with perennials, or use for cutting or drying. When selecting bedding plants for beds or borders, it is best to limit the choice to a few varieties. Combinations of many flower colors and plant forms can distract from the overall appearance of the display. Attractive flower beds can be created by using only one variety.


Bedding plants should be watered immediately after planting and daily until they have become established. After establishment, they should be watered on an "as needed" basis. Watering frequency will depend on your soil type and exposure to sunlight. Some bedding plants growing in full sun during the summer may continue to require daily watering.

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