Landscape Waste Prevention
Jan 11, 2017
General Landscape Corp. in April, Growing Greener, Horticulture and Soils, November, October, Watering Wisely

We take a personal interest in whatever you want to achieve!Sustainable landscape practices will help you reduce waste and save you time and money. Some common-sense solutions to a growing problem.




1.   Water wisely. 

2.   Be "Green" enviromentally conscientious.

3.   Install your new lawn or garden the correct way from the start.

4.   Encourage deep root growth by using compost.

5.   Use a drip system of irrigating plant material.

6.   Deep, infrequent watering, produces a deeper extensive root system for better disease resistance.

7.   Consider mulching in grass clippings for most of the cutting season.

8.   Maintain moderate grass growth with timely fertilization.

9.   Light and microclimates around each side of your house should be considered. 

10. Shallow root systems are the cause of most thatch problems in a lawn.

11. Pick a plant that fits the space. Overly aggressive plants in a small space will need more pruning.

12. Except for corrective work, allow a plant to grow into its space before pruning.

13. Use a wood chipper to remove brush that is recycled into heat.

14. Mulch reduces a plants need for moisture.

15. Add more color to your landscape with perennial plants.

16. Use recycled products whenever possible.

17. Avoid "growth spurts" with synthetic fertilizers.

18. Use products with recycled packaging whenever possible.

19. Make use of root barriers.

20. Work with the elements that exist in your landscape.

21. Redirect water movement into a garden rather than the storm drain.

22. Interact with your garden. Base a decision on what you observe and not solely on a routine practice.

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