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    Pruning Young Trees

    Working with us is a very pleasant and convenient experience.Corrective pruning when a tree is young will help to develop a more beautiful, stronger structure and keep them healthier as they get older. Our number one rule is let the tree grow and slowly prune back unwanted branches. Get your trees off to a good start. Don't prune off a branch that will set the plant back a few years. Get some consultation from us if you decide to do it yourself.

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    Organic Lawn Care 

    We listen and respect your opinion and concerns

    Organic Lawn Care is basically soil science. The goal throughout the process is to create a microbe and nutrient-rich soil system in which to develop deep-rooted, dense turf that competes successfully with weeds, and is low-maintenance, drought, insect and disease-tolerant and beautiful!

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    Importance of Soil to Plants

    Count on us to deliver on our promises!

    As most of us know, little can be done to change the New England weather, but much can be accomplished with the soil.

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