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    Protect Your Trees From The Next Storm


    We look after our team, so they will look after you!

    Structural Pruning is recommended for maintaining or improving tree health and structure. Hazard pruning is recommended to reduce the danger of a specific target caused by visibly defined hazards in a tree.

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    Grounds Maintenance Planning

    We minimize waste to help keep overall costs downProper Grounds Maintenance will bring long lasting value and happiness to your home. These complex tasks will be custom tailored and customer driven to fit your needs and budget. An understanding will develop throughout the first season to keep us working together for years to come.

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    Professional Crane Services


    Eric and his team removing a tree in BrooklineGLC offers crane services for your difficult tree removal.   As a property owner in the Boston area, monitoring the condition of your trees and shrubs should be your top priority. Valuable material should be properly pruned for strength and aesthetics. Dead and unwanted branches should be removed before they become a hazard. GLC can evaluate and care for your trees. 

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