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    Stump Grinding Services


    Good listeners try to do the job accurately the first time.

    There are many reasons why you want to grind out the stump!

  • Exposed stumps can be a safety hazard.
  • Reduce the potential for an insect or disease infestation.
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    Transplanting Bare Root Plants 

    Unlike most, we try to exceed your expectations!


    Preparing your planting area.

    1. Dig your hole wider and deeper than the root system.

    2. Remove the rocks, use the existing soil, and amend it with organic fertilizer, peat moss and compost.

    3. Add water to the hole and create a slurry of water and the soil mix you created.

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    Brookline Hydroseeding

    We use Bay State Fertilizer on lawns, shrubs, annuals, and vegetable gardens.

    Bay State enhances the beauty of your lawn season after season. It will break down slowly to last longer. It won't burn your lawn or plants. It reduces the need for frequent watering, and supplies iron and other micronutrients.

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