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    Design Idea: Mix It Up A Little

    We are eager to help, Give us a try!Discover the pleasure of plants by working with us as a team. Together we can assess your home's style to find new ways to accent your landscape that enhances its features.

    1. Use a specific combination of plants that work well together.



    2.   Find simple and creative ways like adding a new variety of perennial that adds color at exactly the  time you have no color in your garden.

    3.   Move away from the typical "foundation planting".

    4.   Soften a square corner using creeping ground covers.

    5.   Use varieties that may attract butterflies and birds.

    6.   Try dividing and trading perennial varieties with your friends.

    7.   Use spring flowering bulbs that grow through a ground cover bed.

    8.   Look closer to the form and texture of plants for the added benefit, such as weeping or dwarf.

    9.   Give a plant a try. If it doesn't work in that space we can always transplant.

    10. Still rely on tried-and-trusted native plants to your area.

    11. Be sure to stay in a range of plants that you are comfortable with.

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