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    Design Idea: Add Function 

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    What else do you want to accomplish? Besides the beauty and value your garden provides, consider these other uses to enhance your lifestyle:


    • Add Herbs to the garden for the texture, and the fresh cut use for your dinner recipes.
    • Add penennials suitable for cutting for indoor flower arrangments.
    • Bird feeders, close enough to your kitchen, will attract birds for your morning coffee.
    • Locate vegetables in your sunny flower gardens for fresh vegetables in the summer.
    • Add evergreen shrubs to hide unsightly objects such as trash barrels or garages.
    • Consider nightlighting to extend the time you spend outdoors.
    • Locate a second bench or picnic table in an area with the best views and sun.
    • Take yourself away to the country with a firepit area in a woodland garden.
    • Instead of allowing your dog free run of the yard, fence off an area for plant preservation.
    • Choose fruit trees, Blueberry bushes, or Grape vines in your garden.
    • Divide your perennials and trade them with your friends to add variety and save money.
    • Use a feeder or plants that attract Butterflies.

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