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    Landscape For Your Children

    We have the ideas to get you started with the planning process!The goal is to get your kids interested in art and science, and give them as much space as you can to play, explore, and discover.






    When your children are outdoors, they're crawling under bushes, digging in the sand, playing in the mud, re-directing water, building and climbing anywhere their legs, arms, and sense of adventure will take them.

    a) Adding the child component to your landscape will attract more buyers when your ready to sell.

    b) Use plants that stimulate fun like attracting Butterflies, and sniffing fragrant flowers and leaves.

    c) Add a cut flower garden for arranging indoor vases.

    d) Consider the views from inside your home to position swingsets and play areas.

    e) Avoid sharp edged, poisonous, and thorny plants.

    f) Use the contour of your land to install climbing and crawling features with stones, sand and timbers.

    g) Use an overhead sprinkler to water and allow your children to play under.

    h) Use a rain barrel to collect rain water, and encourage your children to help water.

    i) Ask your kids what they want and maybe it will make sense.

    j) Add as much free play space as you can for your kids to explore without restrictions.

    k) Use a weeping tree as a place to play under as the sun filters through.

    l) Use unusual looking plants fuzzy leaves like Viburnum, or unique flowers like Iris.

    m) Children judge nature by how they can interact with it rather than by how it looks.

    n) Use fast growing plants like vegetables to encourage your children to start their own garden.

    o) Plan an outdoor storage area to quickly put away toys before guests arrive.

    p) And of course, designate an area for cleaning and changing before they enter the house.

    q) Add winding paths and places to rest and find hiding places.

    r) Remember, safety first and stay cautious.

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